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International Peer Learning Activity: Social Dimension in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)

Strategies on and Mainstreaming of Social Dimension in HE

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The Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy has launched the “National Strategy for the Social Dimension in Higher Education” in February 2017.  How about national strategies on Social Dimension in other EHEA countries? We provided an international platform, and invited to discuss experiences in designing, launching, implementing and adapting strategies. 

This peer-learning activity took place at Linz University on 22 of March 2017 and targetted members of the European BFUG, ministerial officials dedicated to a national Strategy on Social Dimension, Experts on Access and Social Mobility, and national HE as well as student representatives. Next to our attendees from Austria, we also warmly welcomed participants from other countries of the European Higher Education Area who have developed, or are in the process of setting up, a national Strategy on Social Dimension.

The PLA has been co-funded by the Austrian Ministry for Science, Research, and Economy, as well as by the Project „Pro.Mo.Austria+ // Promoting Mobility. Fostering EHEA Commitments in Austria“- a KA3 activity of the European Commission. We thank the University of Linz for their friendly support.


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